This course focuses on the efficient and effective use of ASYCUDAWorld system. ASYCUDAWorld is the 4th generation of ASYCUDA system that allows the management and automation of Customs procedures and processes. This course is a complement to the ASYCUDAWorld basic and advanced functional trainings held in class and is destined to all the system's users.

Ce cours s'adresse aux utilisateurs de SYDONIAWorld et a pour objectif une utilisation efficace et efficiente du système. SYDONIAWorld est la 4ème génération de système SYDONIA destiné à l'automatisation, la gestion et le contrôle des procédures douanières. Ce cours est un complément aux formations fonctionnelles de base et avancée à SYDONIAWorld dispensées en présentiel.  

This course is intended to users of eCITES, a system developed to automate the international trade of endangered species of wild fauna and flora. It provides participants with documentation and video tutorials to maximize the use of the solution developed jointly by CITES and UNCTAD's ASYCUDA Programme.

The ASYREC e-learning course provides participants with learning content such as documentation, video tutorials, multiple choices questions, exercises and forums to understand the concept and context behind the need for automation of relief consignments procedures and to optimize the use of ASYREC system developed by UNCTAD's ASYCUDA programme and UNOCHA.